Our fleet at a glance

Coach Bus

For any large group or long distance Coach buses are one the favorite forms of transportation. They are comfortable for up to 51 passengers, and always have a restroom. Some Coach buses include wifi and usb chargers for evey guest.

Coach Mini buses are as comfortable as a classic coach bus. They’re the perfect fit for a smaller group. They offer overhead storage, as well as under vehicle storage and a restroom. Some Coach mini buses include wifi and usb chargers for evey guest.

Sprinter Van

A great option for a medium size group. Sprinter Vans have More headspace and nicer seating than a more basic Getaway Van. They are versatile and can be taken to more strenuous locations then the coach buses. If you have luggage, you’ll need a few extra seats of capacity the Mercedes Sprinter is your option.

Basic Van

The ideal, affordable ride for a small group on a fun outing.

If your in need of luxury transportation for a small group, choose an SUV with a driver.

Sprinter Limo

Mercedes Sprinter limo van is the classic ride for a fancy night out, a formal event, or just a special day. They have luxury interiors more headspace and wraparound seating, so your group can enjoy the ride together.

If you need to get somewhere quick and comfortable the tesla is your way to go. Great option for personal transportation