A little about us

My dad started this company 20 years ago and built an amazing reputation by always being 15 minutes early, (quote by dad - if you are not 15 minutes early, you are late!) and we focused on business-to-business transportation as well as city tours. Some of the largest companies in the industry have used and use our buses and drivers on a daily basis. Covid was rough on pops as he saw his dream dwindle. Dad decided to retire and leave the company to me. My name is Gene Grozovsky and I worked in the hospital setting focused on patient relations till 2018, in 2018 I founded a company called GreenTours.com we specialized in providing cannabis industry tours in this new and upcoming industry. During that time I built a little reputation of my own by teaming with Cheech & Chong to educate about this new genre. GreenTours has been featured in Thrillist magazine, Netflix, BBC, The Howard Stern Show, and as far as the South China morning post. When my dad left the company, I brought my technological background and began to focus on consumers. Since my dad retired during covid, I have renamed the Company from Hollywood finance inc. to NeedBusCharter.com (DBA) and I have started focusing on consumer business as well by building out the website and online presence. From my decade of experience in the hospital setting, I know that customer service is the key. My promise to you the consumer is that I and my employees will do everything in our power to make sure that you as the guest are always satisfied with our service and attention to detail. I thank you for the trust you are providing in us, by allowing us to transport you safely and in style - I as the owner do not take this lightly.

How It Works

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